Kinds of The Cargo

  • D2 GAS OIL

  • MAZUT M100

  • LPG



  • GRADE JP54

  • EN590

Since, we have stringent quality control policies, our entire range of products are trusted throughout the industry. We keep a stern quality check on the various stages of designing and manufacturing or be it sourcing of raw material as well. We make certain that the materials used are of high quality and standard

Specification Russian Gas Oil L-0.2-62 (GOST 305-82)

Density @20 deg C Kg/m3 0.850
Color 2,0
Flash Point, PMCC Deg C (C degree) 57 62
Kinematic Viscocity @20 deg C CST 3,0 6,0
Pour Point Deg C (C degree) ( * ) -10,0
Cloud Point  Deg C (C degree)  ( * )  -5,0
Merchaptan Sulphur 0,01
Acidity mg/1000 cm3 5
Lodine number g/100g 6
Ash %wt 0,01
Total Sulphur %wt 0,02
Copper Corrosion 3 hrs / 50 deg C ( typical ) 1 A
CCR on 10% Residues %wt 0,20
Cetane Index 45
Destillation Range:
-50% Recovered volume  Deg C (C degree) 280
-90% Recovered volume  Deg C (C degree) 360
Bacteria MBC Fibred/it 500
Summer from March to October PP -5.0 degress C Summer from March to October CP -0,0 degress C
Winter from November to February PP -10.0 degress C Winter from November to February CP -0,0 degress C

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